Mason and Brophy, PICA Group, strata
  • Strata management
    Experience superior customer service with a strata management company that is committed to enhancing community living.
  • Facilities management
    Our facilities management team has an exceptional record of exceeding industry standards and providing
    on-location support.
  • Debt recovery & legal services
    Customers say that our team offers one of the highest service levels for receivables management in the country.
  • Property developer services
    As a market leader in advising developers regarding complex sites, you can rely on our expertise to create customised solutions.

As the leading strata management company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Mason and Brophy Strata Management, a subsidiary of PICA Group, plays a significant role in the local New South Wales property landscape by delivering a full range of premium management services for a variety of property types, including residential, commercial, resorts, and mixed use.